Goldman Sachs Rules the World

With another economic recession in the horizon here is a rant I wrote seven years ago that would still apply today

Just read a new story concerning the comments made by a British financial trader to the BBC. The comments made by Alessio Rastani are seen as outrageous and immoral. But here in the economic world most of us would just shrug and say its the truth. The fact is that for financial traders and anyone connected to the financial industry “making money and not getting caught” is the golden rule. If it takes another recession to make an even larger profit than why not. Immorality is not even in the financial industry’s vocabulary. If it was then to a financial trader like Rastani it would mean not making enough money to support their lifestyle. This is true for Goldman Sachs. They want another recession and another money making opportunity. They do not necessarily see the slumped world economy in the view of an average person. To them, the recession is another bailout. Hopefully, many of you agree with my insight. However, if you do not agree then tell me why.