How to Just Say No!

Whether it is a request from my tenants, work colleagues, or even my barber being able to say No has always been tough. However in my journey to financial independence being able to say No is a barrier that I must overcome. Here are 5 strategies that I am employing to become more effective at saying “No”

  1. Be Confident and firm when saying “NO”. If you are emotional then it is easier for the other person to take advantage of the situation and convince you that saying yes is the better option
  2. Run through each possible argument when saying “NO. That way you are ready to counter argue and explain why you said no in the first place
  3. Remember it is about what you want, not what the other person wants. I have had issues about saying No to tenant requests even though it would an inconvenience to me. In certain situations, it is better for your physical and emotional well being to say No
  4. Say No and walk away. Do not give them the chance to change your mind. If you just walk away after saying No it will make it harder for the other person to better argue you their case.
  5. If the other person gets aggressive and starts to threaten you keep your cool and be level-headed. They want you to react so do not give them that pleasure.

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