If Chuck Norris was Your Personal Financial Advisor



Let’s say you walked into the bank one day and ask the bank teller for a personal financial advisor. 5 minutes later Chuck Norris walks out saying he is your new personal financial advisor. At this point you probably would wet yourself with excitement and believe that you are in a dream. Here are five pieces of advice that Chuck Norris (CFP) would give to you;

5.   You do not fear debt. Debt fears you

What Chuck Norris (CFP) is trying to saying is do not fear debt. There is such thing as good debt such as a mortgage to buy a new rental.

4. If you had 5 dollars and I had 5 dollars I would still have more money than you

As Norris would say having money is not the end game. Money is just a tool that you can use to invest in improving yourself and kick life’s ass

3. You do not need financial management. You are the management

Do not rely on financial professionals to get you into the right financial plan. You need to take the initiative like reading books on financial planning (Rich Dad,    Poor Dad, The Wealthy Barber)

2. If you Google search me filing for bankruptcy you will generate zero results. It just doesn’t happen

Put yourself in Chuck Norris’s shoes. Is bankruptcy an option for him? No it is not  and it should not be for you either. One of the best methods is to negotiate with your lenders or collection agency and find out the minimum amount you need to pay. Be Chuck Norris and be confident when you speak. Convince them that you will act in good faith and pay back every cent even if it means that you have to kills some wolves with your bare hands

1. You change your financial future with your FISTS. If it get in your way KICK ITS ASS!

In the end of the day you are the captain of your financial ship. If it starts sinking its not Chuck Norris’s fault you did not use the right type of material for your hull. You need to learn what the backbones of good financial planning and ask the right financial questions. Becoming financially wealthy is not easy it is back breaking work





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